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The fastest way of doing common PHP tasks

I'm not a fan of choices when coding, I want to know which method is the fastest and stick with it. So I wrote a script whereby similar methods of doing things battled it out to the death.

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Life Sim Widget

While randomly browsing Wikipedia at 1am in the morning (as you do) - I stumbled across Conway's Game of Life. After coding a basic javascript implementation I then got a bit carried away and added a load of other variables into the mix. I've now added this to the 'Widgets' section.

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Pesky Kanji #1 - Gate radicals

Welcome to the first ever 'Pesky Kanji' - today I'm going to be covering the gate radical kanji, so if you don't know your 開く from your 聞く click below to read the full article.

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Hello world

Testing if the framework still works.